Sign of New Beginnings

As I continue to process the MASSIVE change I am creating in my life,  I was getting out of my car, and noticed something moving in the grass.

This however was not massive, it was very small, just a baby robin hiding in the grass that probably fell out of its nest.   My husband had seen it earlier and had planned to get a shovel and throw it in the garbage, believing it was dead.   I leaned down to look at it and it immediately opened its mouth.   Assuming I was there for the greater good and to feed his little hunger.  He didn’t try to move, he just wanted, what he needed.

My husband heard me laughing and came out to see what was going on.   He then got some honey and water and dropped it into the little bird’s mouth.  We put the bird in a box, without touching it, to keep it safe so snakes and cats would not find it in the grass.  However the call of nature would not hold back, and after the boost of water, the little bird jumped out of the box and back into the grass.

The next morning there he was again still in the grass and we fed him some more honey and water.   The bird began to flap his wings and he already knew what he needed to do…

thumb_IMG_0893_1024.jpg“Whatever you focus on is what you get” – Tony Robbins

Once you make up your mind and take massive action nothing can get in your way.



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