Looking for Regrets and Can’t Find Any

As I mentioned I left a really big job in search of finding, doing and learning new skills and information. It’s now been 10 days, and I continue to look for some form of regret. At this time, I am still not finding it, but I am finding I am enjoying writing, thinking and working to get in the best shape I can be.

This bold act of resignation, where I truly did “burn the boats to take the island” leads me with no alternative but to keep moving forward.

I do have some very defined goals and have to be patient that they cannot be accomplished in one week.   However I have written them down, in a corporate manner as a 30-60-90 day plan and beyond.   I’m having fun again if even within my own small world of me.

Beauty of Peru – Compliments of Dr. Karen

At this time, my success cannot be benchmarked with a salary or a title or how many people I lead.   My success trail will come with checking off each day my accomplishments knowing it will lead to my vision.

While I soar alone at this time I must also remember this is now truly MY JOURNEY and to enjoy all that I see and learn from every perspective.



  1. Wow… Loving the posts that you have here, the way that you bring them out are very generous, you are never short of veracity. I had read several posts of yours, they are really good. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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