Finding Tony Robbins

Exactly 8 months ago, I discovered Tony Robbins. I always heard about him, but quite frankly, that kind of stuff was just not for me.  However, everything comes at the time that it should. So there I was in my garage gym doing my morning workout and looking for something inspiring on You Tube.   I listened to one Tony Robbins segment and I was hooked. The message at that moment in time resonated with every cell in my body and I began to light up.

Unknown-2I started to play Tony Robbins segments each morning when I was putting on makeup, lifting weights and driving to work.  I began to find that his inspirational words were in my blood and creating a strong drive to make enormous changes in my life.

As he suggested, I asked myself a lot of questions and found I didn’t have easy answers. How crazy, and perhaps typical, that I could not even answer what I really wanted.   It took some deep self-reflection to be honest and brave enough to even write down what I did want and what about it makes me happy.

Tony Robbins reinforced that only I am responsible for my own change. And if you want change it has to happen immediately, and I needed to stop the limiting patterns of doubt.

What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.” – Tony Robbins

My favorite line from Tony Robbins was “you never get your should’s, but you always get your musts. Stop should-ing all over yourself.”  And boy did I ever, two weeks ago I took massive change and resigned from my high-profile corporate position at a Fortune 50 company… just like that.   Life is way too short to not been fully passionate about what you spend your time on. Saying I should do this was, now, no longer an option for me.

In 8 days from now I will be immersing myself into Unleashing the Power Within. This event is four days with thousands of people who are as excited as me to be there, that believe or want to believe in themselves and want to swim in the energy of Tony. Attendance at this event truly demonstrates a strong commitment to yourself.

The emotional electricity generated at this event, will be transformational, it will be imprinted and it will be like nothing I have ever experienced .   This feels like Life.




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