Shopping No Longer a Reason to Breathe

Many years ago, I took over the entire master bedroom closet and forced my husband to find another place to put his clothes. I needed the space for all the clothes that one needs to go to work, that one needs to show up everyday looking fabulous and that one needs to not get bored with putting on the same outfit. And so I grew a collection of sleeveless dresses, most of them black, that I would put on everyday to show up ready to sparkle and inspire.images-2Unknown-1
Naturally to cultivate this fabulous collection required shopping.   Shopping for clothes on-line just came into my world about a year ago , but before that I was headed to the mall to search each square inch of Nordstrom.   Going to the mall where I spent my weekends was rationalized that I needed all these things, that went along with all the sleeveless dresses, to go to work.

I really did not spend a lot of money, nor am I obsessive compulsive, nor did I have a credit card problem. I just simply liked the idea of walking around the mall, with my mom or my little girl or even at times with my boys.

This habit has been going on for a long time, so long in fact, that I have very special memories shopping in the Boca Raton mall or wandering around Target with my daughter, every Saturday.   At first, for years, I didn’t admit that I just liked to shop. I always said I was going because I needed something.   What I realized was that it gave me an opportunity to focus.  To not have to think about work, about all the things in life that give you stress, but just to be able to focus on looking for something pretty. This mindless state of shopping was similar to taking the time to breathe, to doing yoga, to going out for a run.

This weekend I went to the mall to return something.   And there it was….I didn’t need anymore sleeveless dresses (at this time), or shoes, or scarves or costume jewelry. I just needed to return this one little thing.   It has only been a week of not working and finally being able to think again. It has been a week where I have been able to remember what I used to dream about and delight in those thoughts. Its been a week of breathing.

Now let’s be clear, I am not swearing off shopping, but at this time I don’t need it to take a deep breath.

Drop me a line and let me know what you are doing to mindlessly escape?images.jpeg


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