Barbecue Bumble


When my husband gave up grilling for good, this life changing decision came out of nowhere.  He is a meat-eater, he lives on hamburgers, and hot dogs were his natural side dish.   He just decided after standing in the hot South Florida sun, grilling for 20 years, this was something he was no longer interested in doing for himself or his precious family.

Naturally by now, the kids were old enough to handle this task, but no one raised their hand, (neither did I) and years went by while the grill just sat in the backyard, like a ghost from barbeques of the past. Finally my husband, sick of looking at it fade, loaded it into the SUV and brought it to the dump.

I don’t eat any red meat, therefore this wasn’t a hardship on me, but slowly after several years, a longing for the taste of grilled corn on the barbecue, or onions slightly browned, and shrimp marinated with a sear, just seemed so delicious.   The thought of having a glass of Chardonnay while turning the food over the grill, with the heat warming your face, was now something I had to have.

I took matters into my own hands, searched Amazon and bought myself a mini electric grill.   The future of grilling was now, in my command.   I no longer needed anyone to schlep propane, or put lighter fuel on charcoal…no, I WAS NOW GOING TO BE THE HEAD GRILL MASTER.IMG_1108

On my first go round, I put fresh picked corn and cut up Vidalia onion chunks on the barbecue, placing them carefully on my tiny shiny new grill. Somehow it did not occur to me that the onions would fall apart if they were not on a skewer.   And so they did, each time I tried to flip them; they all fell down in between the grates and just burnt up.   In all honesty, my first try on the corn wasn’t so good either; it was pretty hard when I bit into it. So maybe I did bumble the entire barbecue, and the smoke and ash was evidence of that.    However, what was also evident was my husband lurking in the background calculating if there was room on that grill,  in the future, for a cheeseburger!



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