Blog Stats – The New Addiction?

I’m a new Blogger and I have become a Blog Analytic Addict. It has only been 3 weeks but since I discovered this bar chart of Stats, life as I knew it, was no longer the same. No longer did it matter to me that I could get hundreds of Likes on Facebook for some random picture, or that multiple people sent congratulatory emails to me on Linked In for another work anniversary.   Those people were my friends or my colleagues…. they know me, they sort of have to react.

In this world of Blog, I am truly anonymous and if someone stumbles upon me it fascinates me. What country are they viewing me from and how did they stumble upon me?  It’s amazing to see the world map stats and know people in places such as Cameroon or Qatar would even find me.  Based on a couple of days of views, I also like to think I was “trending” with the Muslim girls.

Sure at this point it is not many views, but it is like I am a grain of sand on the beach and someone just happens to pick that piece up and examines it, if only for a moment. By not following me, they have simply tossed me back to be washed away by the other hundreds of blogs that are written.Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 5.13.50 PM

I did have a big day, I got 41 views,  I was so excited. I talked about it non stop to my family, who clearly must think I have lost my mind, and wonder why I chose this to do instead of looking for a job. The real question is why is this so important to me at this time.

I do not believe this addiction is unique to me, based on how fast I became a slave to stats.   I do believe the ability to connect with people of all different cultures, all over the world, helps to drive compassion, understanding and a link to a multi cultural world.   For me, at this time, when I crave learning more, I have learned about myself writing bite size pieces and have learned so much from others honesty.

My name is BoldandBusy – I am a blogger.   Thanks to The Daily Post , I have the moxie to admit – I am a stat addict.



  1. I laughed when I read this post…I do this too. One day I mysteriously had a larger number than usual and I was elated but then it went back to normal and it made me wonder who was reading my blog. I sometimes write poems because I’ve noticed there is a large following of poets. It makes me use my brain differently. Afterwards I always wonder “where did that come from?”or did I write that?


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