Someday Stuff

I have a two-car garage, which has never seen a car.

I have a house with a two-car garage, which  is full of all things that do not belong to me. All of these things belong to my three children. All of these things are from years of colleges, graduate schools, apartment changes,  in which my children needed to leave their valuable stuff in the garage, for just a little bit.
Each year, I mention to my precious children (now full-grown adults) to come and get their stuff. I have mentioned it year after year, for the past ten years, and yet for some reason I believe them when they promise they will come home and pick it up. When they do come home, they just never seem to take any of it. They do take things back which belong to me though; such as really good pots and pans, bags of gourmet coffee or antique nick knacks. When they are leaving my house after a fun visit or the holidays, I always ask, “When can you take your stuff? ”   Unfortunately its never the right time because it wont fit on the plane, it’s too heavy, there is no room in their suitcase or in their current apartment, or it would cost too much to ship, but they will get it someday, soon…
My husband, who likes to collect stuff too, committed to me that someday he would help me clean out the garage and empty out the stuff the kids thought to be so valuable. Of course as a collector himself, he thinks all stuff, is valuable. This also includes the items they managed to store up in the attic without me knowing about it.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some treasures in this garage, paintings from people who might one day be famous, college text books that cost a fortune when we bought them and now have been versioned out and all kinds of furniture that went in brand new, but after 8 years of garage life, just doesn’t seem to have the same appeal.
So this is it. The someday is here. By the end of this summer, I will have an empty garage. I will post the picture to prove it…. stay tuned.

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  1. One way to “clean” out your garage is to have a sale. Please send out official invites to your kids and tell them they can preview everything the day before..It’s a family privilege and afterwards have the sale with someone coming afterwards to take it to all the stores to be sold or given away to help others. You will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Also keep a tally of all the stuff given away for taxes. Every little bit helps.


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