The Tony Robbins Wristband

Life 4 days after the Tony Robbins UPW event New York Area 2017

It is now 4 days after the Tony Robbins UPW event.   I am still as high as a kite. My vocal chords are still feeling the effect of screaming at the top of my soul.   My body is filled with oxygen and power surging through my blood stream. My mind is strong, my spirit stronger, doubt can not creep in.   I am demonstrating gratitude in the morning, I am mindful all day and I have stepped into light, laughter and a million ideas. I can barely sleep, I am so energized, and put my feet down on the floor when I wake up and thank God.   Multiple times throughout the day, I make my move and can hear Tony commanding “Make Your Move!”. I have taken to playing the UPW playlist and immediately want to jump and shake the building.

I am, however dealing with what I think is a Tony Robbins hangover – the fear of removing your UPW bracelet. In my mind, this is what connects me to 14,000 strong people and I am unable to face not being a part of this experience.IMG_1224 (1).jpg

For those of you who have gone through such an experience let me know how you managed to remove this symbolic tie and for those of you who still have your wristbands on, show me some pics!


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