Tony Robbins and now an Interview

Only 60 days ago, ahead of turning 60, I said goodbye to Corporate America.   Now 60 days later, I find myself preparing for an interview, for a huge opportunity, that I was not searching for.

You are probably thinking,  what happened to all the goodbyes and farewells?  For the past 60 days, I have done a tremendous amount of reflection, learning and prioritizing.   Going to the Tony Robbins event (UPW) was an experience that led and continues to drive growth in me.   At the same time, when I thought I would have this free time to practice yoga and be super active, I happened to have hurt myself and have been unable to do anything but walk.   Just a few months ago, I might have been miserable about this bad timing of an injury, but now I look for the lesson in everything.

My greatest takeaways in the past 60 days has been:

  1. a7d22cdf1cdb680162799c97208ede0c--tony-robbins-quotes-anthony-robbins The words we choose to use in our life, affect our entire emotional state.  Select those words as if they were gems.
  2. Appreciate each moment, each day.  Do not set a goal that when something happens then you will be happy.
  3. Don’t be held back by the dialogue in your brain. I witnessed a stadium of 14,000  highly motivated people,  all suffering from doubt,  self esteem or fear.  I’m the same as everyone else and Im stronger now because I know this secret.
  4. Appreciate and cherish your family, make memories, there really is nothing else.
  5. Give to others, it feels better than buying yourself a gift.
  6. Asking the right questions, will lead everyone to the right answer.
  7. You can’t move forward, while looking in a rear view mirror.be18d1ebea127f8c5359832031bf8838--robbins-tony-tony-robbins-quotes.jpg

So my interview is next week and I don’t know how it will turn out, at this time.  I do know now though, the satisfaction I found in the last 60 days, will be the inspiration I will reflect, in whatever my next role is in life.


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