About Me

I have never had any trouble talking about myself as a leader, as a mother, as a supporter of whatever my passion is at the moment, yet the challenge here is something new.

Do I write about the me I have been, or the me I am going to be, or the me at this moment. It is possible I am overthinking it, however it’s been years since I have had the luxury of actual deep thinking.

IMG_9286I think a blend might be what is needed, so at this moment in time, I am the following:

  1. A professional woman who has been in 2 out of 3 industries, all of which upon entering, had very few women in leadership positions.   I managed to navigate those times and establish my own path and reputation.
  2. A mother of three fabulous children who I am proud to say I have a great relationship with. They value me as a mom and as a professional woman with experience they can benefit from.
  3. The same girl who married her boyfriend in Las Vegas after a handful of dates at 4:30 in the AM, and although I wore black, still remain happily married all these years later.
  4. A woman who is always challenging herself and never happy with the status quo.   If I remained content, I would have cashed in on options that just required a few more years of stagnation.
  5. A woman who is comfortable enough to believe in herself and take massive action to bring the unknown to life.
  6. A personality that is large, caring, loves the applause and cherishes her impact on others.
  7. Finally, someone who is just so excited about this new stage.

The intention is for my blog to be bite size, enjoyable and perhaps resonate with wherever you are in your life, for this digital moment in time.

I look forward to engaging with you and making new connections around the world.  Thanks for dropping in.


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